Sword Slinger is going to happen



If anyone wants to help with the game, let us know. We are only going to need a small team (3-4) and we are talking to publishers already. So even if you aren’t part of the team we might be able to contract for assets, etc.

Here is the GDD:

The idea here is to get combat and multiplayer working and honed. This will also let us get locomotion figured out. Christian (Will) has climbing, running, jumping basic attacks, etc. set up and working. He also has a few character models in the game. If those of us working on the story for the main game have downtime we can spend that in articy draft working on Zweihänder’s script.


im still interested in working on the project


Hey please send me a PM with your current email address. Thanks for your loyalty corrnata! Your contributions have been great thus far👍


I can help out. Just need the details for the time frame and contracts.


Hi. Im a long time fan and follower of you guys and your new video got me interested. Im a enviroment concept artist and was wondering if the project would need guy like me? I have some experience of UE4 and 3d modelling in modo. If interested send me a message.

My portfolio can be found here -> https://www.artstation.com/marq

anyway good luck with the project and i cant wait to get to play it myself one day :slight_smile:


Hey @PUURO send me a PM with your first/last name, email, and city/time zone. Your art looks great!