LORE - The Farm Town | Nitheren

Ownership of the Farm

The farm area was totally owned by Alda (need a good last name)
After her parents died, Wulkton Rentis, a very wealthy man from the city, arrived with guards to declare that he owned the farm. Her brother (Kris) attacked, but was quickly killed by Wulkton’s guards.

Preceding this, a record keeper at the church discovered a document from several hundred years ago that made it sound like Alda’s family had attacked and defeated the Rentis family, thus taking the farmland from them. The paper was not clear on how the Rentis family got the land originally and only mentioned this dispute, However, they did also own parts of the land that became the city. They were well off. So with this new knowledge, Wulkton Rentis declared himself, “Lord Rentis,” and took over the farm.

Lord Rentis hates the farm and spends his time at his mansion in the city. He keeps a few guards in the farm to protect what is his. He doesn’t even have to pay them much, since the farm is required to feed them. Lord Rentis also taxes and takes food from the farm. Disputes arise over this here and there. Also, the people of the farm have their own small group of guards. Lord Rentis doesn’t see them as a threat since he has his own guards and the backing of the church/government.

Alda lives up in the old watermill by the waterfall… and she doesn’t come down the hill much because she is so embarrassed. She feels like the town’s freedom was lost and she thinks everyone blames her… she blames herself for not being strong enough to fight back.

Pysha is in charge of training the local guards and she works with Lord Rentis’s guards… despite hating them. Currently there are strange monsters outside the walls, so they have to remain somewhat united to ensure the security of the the farm.

Rye’s Wolf Tavern

Proprietor, Oots, owns Rye’s Wolf tavern with his wife Illian. The tavern is named after his daughter, Rye.

Rye has always been an adventurer at heart and was always off exploring. One day (when she was 13) they lost her and when they finally find her she was playing with a little fox as if it were a dog. Oots yelled, “What have you got there, Rye?” and she quickly said, “A WOLF!” Everyone had a good laugh.

When it came time to break ground for the tavern they realized that they were building on the spot where Rye had met her fox… so they decided to call it Rye’s Wolf.

Rye is about 19-20 now and the fox still hangs around. She’s one of the most adventurous characters on the farm and has been training with Pysha.

Oots grew up in the area and is a terrible gardener… but he’s the best cook around. So when people joked that he should give up farming and start cooking, he took them up on the offer.

Illian is a painter… she is also adept at brewing some illegal drinks. She helps with the tavern, but she is mostly off doing weird artist stuff. When she is around the patrons joke that her and Oots are the number 10… because she is to lithe and he is a big fella.

The Tavern Regulars

Torvo: He hangs out, drinks, and comes up with schemes. He ALWAYS has a new idea, get rich quick scheme, secret treasure rumor, or conspiracy to talk about. However, he never follows through on anything… he’s all talk.

Kels - hates rain almost as much as she loves fire… so even if it’s raining, she will be outside by the fire. She used to be a guard and an adventurer but was injured… it seems her pride took the worst of it.

Smernum - Smernum likes to study the trees during the day. Lately he is worried about all the peeks… they like to live in the trees, but they typically came down, built fires, cooked, used the ruins etc. He’s noticed that they almost never come down from the trees now… and they seem extra skittish.

Tim of the Megavein - The cave lover. He knows the caves well… he’s tough. He was given his name because his father was a miner who took his love down into the mines to show her the glowing rocks… Tim was conceived on one of the glowing rocks… This area turned out to be a huge vein of glowing rocks, so his father got the nickname, “megavein.” So, Tim became Tim of the Megavein. People always make a point of saying the whole thing. Anyway, Tim can probably tell you a few things about caves.

Wondering Merchant - Occasionally appears

Town Square Area

Meetceetrius: maker of fine clothes… but currently keeps getting contracts to make curtains and tapestries for rich folk in the city. Lord Rentis decided to have some drapes made to “connect himself more with the farm folk,” and his jealous neighbors keep ordering stuff. So, Meetceetrius is overwhelmed and angry. He hates making drapes… they are just rectangles of fabric that any moron could make. He also hates jokes about his name and does not want to be a butcher.

Jance Payge: sells some weapons and some apples. Knows way too much about each.

Nook & Lemmy: Rye’s best friend. She is typically climbing trees (doubt we can do this) and she likes to read whatever she can get her hands on. Lemmy is her dog (if possible)

Tthost - A Yerin who lives in town. He occasionally sells herbs.

From the city:
Ioe Lvota - recently sent to tame pysha
Simery Payge
Jerry Smith

From the farm
Pysha - doesn’t hold her tongue or her first
Ashe Roke - still learning but she means well
Bet Slevest fastest scimitar in the west
Theo Hess

Doesn’t really fit this game, but Alda Dong would be a good name for a character in Dick Burns.